Formatting Guide and Template

All PhD theses at Aalborg University are recommended to be submitted in a uniform standard format agreed upon by the five PhD Schools. At the TECH, ENG and SUND faculties, the 17x24 format will not be a requirement, but more a standard format used unless otherwise specified. If you want a different format, you will need to ask the Doctoral School and your department for dispensation and notify Aalborg University Press by e-mail

All PhD students must comply with the format minimum requirements listed below in order to have their PhD thesis printed in the AAU design.


minimum requirements regarding thesis format before submission

  • Page format: 170 mm x 240 mm.
  • Margins /top, bottom, right, left): 25 mm.
  • Page number and header: Placed centrally top and bottom.
  • All pages in the pdf must be placed vertically (portrait), otherwise they cannot be printed.
  • Tables, pictures etc. must be rotated clockwise/counter clockwise for portrait format. Take care that the page number are in the right place afterwards!
  • Font type: Use only Windows/MAC standard fonts (e.g. Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Minion Pro, Baskerville, Garamond etc.).
  • Colophon: Fill in as much as you can. The University press will fill in Serial title, ISBN, ISSN and reviewing committee.
  • You are welcome to include an author CV, preferably with picture (see template). Maximum 1350 keystrokes (no spacing).
  • You can also include a back cover text when you submit the thesis in Pure/VBN if you want. Maximum 1200 keystrokes (no spacing).

REMEMBER to open your PDF and do a thorough check of the thesis page by page before you submit it in VBN.

Once you have submitted your thesis in VBN, you must send an e-mail to Aalborg University Press ( with the following information:

  • Your choice of cover
  • If you want your own pictures on the cover, please attach 1 - 2 pictures size 17,5 cm x 8,5 cm in 300 dpi/ppi.
  • Information regarding the number of copies of the thesis. Remember to clear the number with your department and PhD School.


formatting tips

The fonts are written as font size / spacing, e.g. body text is font size 10pt with a line spacing set to 12pt.

Body text: Times New Roman 10pt / 12pt spacing
Headline level 1: Arial bold 18pt / 21 pt - Capital letters
Headline level 2: Arial bold 11pt / 21 pt - Capital letters
Headline level 3: Arial bold 10pt / 21 pt - Capital letters
Quotations: Times New Roman Italic 10pt / 12pt

Please notice that chapter must start on a right-hand page. This can be secured in Word by using the "Breaks" functionality and choosing "Odd page".


Pictures in the thesis

If your picture align with the edge of a page, you must see to that the picture exceeds the cutting (i.e. the picture must exceed the format with 5 mm). In such cases, you must add the cutting marks to the whole pdf yourself.

Please use high resolution images (pictures, diagrams etc.) in your thesis to avoid pixelation (approx. 300 ppi/dpi)


front page photos

If you select "front page with own photo", you must submit two photos. If you submit one photo only, that picture will be on both front cover and back cover of the publication.

The front and back cover photo format is horizontal and minimum 17,5 cm x 8,5 cm, with a resolution of 300 dpi. You must send the photos to the Press by e-mail.


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ms word assistance

We do not assist with thesis formatting. However, we have compiled a number of tips for Word, including documentation of changes.

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